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The recent formation of the Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA) has seen both Banham Zoo and its sister collection, Africa Alive! achieve full charitable status. This a very positive move for both zoos but there are obvious implications for the Friends of Banham Zoo (FOBZ), a charity that has supported some in-zoo projects and its in-situ conservation activities for many years.

All fund raising activities previously conducted by FOBZ will now fall to ZSEA to organise. ZSEA will continue to support both in-situ conservation and the activities of both zoos in the same manner that FOBZ has done for Banham Zoo during the past 16 years, this will in effect make the activities of FOBZ a duplication of those conducted by ZSEA.

Due to the similar aims of the 2 charities and based on the available resources, the conclusion reached by the FOBZ committee was that it was in its best interests to seek a resolution from its members that FOBZ be dissolved.

On the 17th April 2013, a Special General Meeting was convened where all members were invited to discuss the future of the charity. Having explained the issues to those present in some detail, attendees voted on the motion to dissolve FOBZ, this resolution was duly passed.

The committee will now seek to take the appropriate measures to wind up the charity but we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped make FOBZ the success it was for the past 16 years, it has raised significant funds for conservation and for Banham Zoo and we all look forward to ZSEA picking up from where FOBZ has left off.

Any enquiries regarding FOBZ or ZSEA should be sent to